New energy data requirements for DC buildings are coming

The Department of Energy & Environment is implementing new requirements that will soon affect your DC building(s). District law requires buildings of 50,000+ square feet to report their annual energy and water data through the ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager®. The square footage requirement is decreasing over the next few years — meaning more District buildings will have to report this data. Please see details below.

The city has identified new buildings that must begin reporting energy data by the following dates:

For building(s) sized between 49,999 to 25,000 sq ft
Submission Deadline:
April 1, 2022 (reporting calendar year 2021 energy & water data)
For building(s) sized between 24,999 to 10,000 sq ft
Submission Deadline:
April 1, 2025 (reporting calendar year 2024 energy & water data)

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and DOEE recently announced the formation of District Buying Power. This citywide energy buying group allows every industrial, commercial, and multifamily building to receive the advantages of bulk energy purchasing. Read the official press release here. As an additional benefit for enrolling with District Buying Power, Albireo Energy* is offering DC benchmarking reporting (typically a $500 per building annual charge), for a limited time at no cost.

To avoid any penalties, District Buying Power and DOEE want to ensure that you have the information and assistance you need to comply with these requirements. It is important to act now so as to provide District Buying Power sufficient time to setup your accounts, collect applicable data, and prepare the submissions.

For buildings in the 10-25,000 square foot range, District Buying Power will begin submitting your data early in 2022 to ensure that you are on a good path towards compliance before it is legally required.

Enrollment is simple. Fill out the online enrollment form and our friendly staff will reach out with further details. If you have any questions or would prefer to discuss enrollment with our staff, please reach complete our contact form or call us at 855-521-8780. With questions or concerns about program validity, please contact the DOEE Benchmarking Help Center at

* Albireo Energy was chosen under a 2019 Request for Proposal to administer the program based on its unique suite of services and its considerable experience. Albireo Energy also runs Boston Buying Power and Philly Buying Power, city-endorsed programs that have been successfully operating for over a decade.